Monday, August 08, 2011

"You’re not invincible when it comes to Mother Nature"

The recent deaths of two hikers at Eaton Canyon Park in the Angeles National Forest have prompted a warning from officials, reports L.A. Now.

L.A. Sheriff's Sergeant Debra Herman noted that people often underestimate the power of Mother Nature, hiking on trails well beyond their skill level.

"You’re not invincible when it comes to Mother Nature," Herman said.
County emergency personnel have been responding to daily incidents in Eaton Canyon.

“The only day this week we did not have a rescue was Tuesday,” said Herman.
Herman also noted that the waterfalls are swollen after a wet winter and drawing large crowds of people to the trail. Hikers of all levels must take proper precautions.

“It is absolutely beautiful, and especially with the rain we had last year we have a lot of water,” Herman said. “But you have to be prepared. It is very steep, and you need to respect the area and know what you are doing before you go up there.”

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