Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Story of America's T. E. Lawrence"

On June 7, 2011, Iona Prep alumnus William Doyle '74 released his much anticipated book A Soldier’s Dream: Captain Travis Patriquin and the Awakening of Iraq. The nonfiction book is about the incredible story of a fallen American hero who was instrumental in turning the tide of violence in the Iraq War. Travis Patriquin was a young Special Forces officer who had already won a Bronze Star in Afghanistan before being transferred to Iraq. An Arabic linguist, Patriquin set out to establish a crucial network with tribal leaders built on mutual trust and respect. A Soldier's Dream is a tribute to a man who loved Iraq and a devoted soldier who made a crucial impact on the Iraq War.

William Doyle is an award winning author who also wrote American Insurrection: James Meredith and the Battle of Oxford, Mississippi, 1962 and Inside the Oval Office: The White House Tapes from FDR to Clinton.

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