Saturday, August 13, 2011

"rethinking the way it does night life"

Perch is a new rooftop bar and restaurant that's making downtown L.A. rethink the way it does night life. Unlike downtown's most famous rooftop bar — the ostentatious poolside lounge crowning the Standard Hotel — Perch doesn't have a pool or red Astroturf or gaggles of scantily clad partiers. It doesn't have a million-dollar lighting system or a make-believe speak-easy either.

What Perch does have is a fine cocktail program, an impressive selection of French wines and spirits, a French-inspired dinner menu, panoramic views, live music and a palpable lack of pretension. This is a place where you go to relax in style — either inside on a plush blue sofa, or outside on a vintage, powder-coated, wrought-iron patio chair — sipping a Maverick & Goose (gin, lemon, simple syrup, Lillet and muddled gooseberries), sucking on a succulent frog leg and watching the sun set over Pershing Square.

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