Sunday, August 14, 2011

"some nipping and tucking"

The Statue of Liberty is showing her age, and plans to have a little work done. She celebrates her 125th birthday in October with all the fanfare befitting such a grande dame, and then will close to the public for a year while the National Park Service does some nipping and tucking.

However, don't panic if you're traveling to the area in the near future. Only the interior of the statue will be closed to the public. "Don't worry, Liberty Island will remain OPEN so a visit should remain part of your travel plans," says the National Park Service website, bold and caps included.

Perhaps that won't disrupt too many travel plans. The National Park Service says that only 30% of visitors make the reservation required to examine the interior. The rest limit themselves to exploring Liberty Island.

The park's website details plans for the $27.25-million makeover: "When completed, the interior will have new stairways and elevators. Upgrades to water and mechanical systems will also be addressed. Since the work is being done inside, views of Lady Liberty from land and sea will remain unobstructed."

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