Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"her music seems timeless"

The Patsy Cline Historic House is set to open Aug. 2 as a memorial to the singer, giving fans a glimpse into the early period of her brief but highly celebrated country music career, reports the AP.

The house is located at 608 S. Kent St. in Winchester, Virginia. Cline, whose real name is Virginia “Ginny” Patterson Hensley, lived in the home from her mid-teens to mid-20s, as she became one of music’s most influential stars. She was the first female solo artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Julie Fudge, Cline’s daughter, told the AP, “The fact that her music seems timeless brings a whole new group in every generation that keeps her alive. Her career was a small amount of years, and she had lots of accolades, but I don’t think she imagined the things that would come after she died.”

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