Sunday, January 12, 2014

Satan Arrives

Satan might be sitting at the Oklahoma Statehouse if a purported satanic group gets its way. The Satanic Temple submitted plans for a "Satan Statue" to be erected in the wake of new state laws that paved the way for a 10 Commandments monument.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

" a 21-mile underground journey to Rome"

ROME — In a verdant valley east of Rome, Fabrizio Baldi admires a forgotten stretch of a two-tier Roman aqueduct, a stunning example of the emperor Hadrian's 2nd century drive to divert water from rural springs to his ever-thirstier capital.

But Baldi, 36, is less interested in the graceful arches than in where the aqueduct's span ends, hidden in a wooded slope across a stream, halfway up the side of the valley. Scrambling through thick brambles, he comes across a large hole in the ground that appears to be the start of a tunnel.  "This is where the water poured off the aqueduct and started a 21-mile underground journey to Rome."

Baldi is one of about 80 amateur speleologists who spend their weekends crawling down underground channels with laser scanners and GPS in an effort to conclusively map the city's network of 11 ancient aqueducts for the first time in modern history. In doing so, they have turned up underground stretches that nobody remembered.,0,2669673.story

" Paris to New York in four hours and fourteen minutes"

Supersonic passenger travel was stopped when Air France and British Airways cancelled their transatlantic Concorde service, however the Aerion Supersonic Business Jet aims to change this, with the impressive ability to carry up to 12 passengers and able to travel at speeds of up to mach 1.5 for more than 4,000 miles. The jet is currently undergoing extensive testing to reach this perfection before its grand unveiling.

Making it possible to travel from Paris to New York in four hours and fourteen minutes, this supersonic jet is causing great excitement amongst travellers and jet lovers across the globe.