Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Opera Diva"

The sound of a blaring blow horn and the booming battle cry of one Ivana Bratwurst, Henry County’s first Opera Diva, appears before distinguished guests at the Henry Medical 30 Year Celebration and Annual Garden Party at Eagle’s Landing Country Club on Saturday, May 1st. One of the most unique performances for the evening was presented by Opera Diva Gram, a company created by Susan Nicely, an actual professional opera singer who now resides in Henry County. Her Opera Diva Gram helped launch the Henry Medical Foundation’s evening “Celebration of Hollywood” with a comedic and customized song for on-watchers.

“It was a thrill for me to participate in this wonderful event. I feel so honored,” comments Susan Nicely (the woman behind the Viking costume and captivating voice). “I’ve had the chance to start my business in a place I love and supporting a special event that is so vital to the health and well being of those in the south Atlanta community,” says Nicely.

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