Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Depraved" seems to fit Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, that bespectacled ringmaster of the unstable and depraved, really has become ‘Too Hot For TV’. David Wenham has taken to the stage at the Sydney Opera House, manning the mic in the title role of Jerry Springer The Opera – with his menagerie of misfits in tow. Also in the cast are soprano songstress Kate Miller-Heidke and Australian television’s serial bad guy Marcus Warren from Underbelly.

The show hits our shores after a successful run in the UK, and features such unashamedly dirty numbers as ‘Chick With A Dick’, ‘Every Last Motherfucker Should Go Down’ and the heartrending ‘Mama, Gimme Smack On The Asshole’. Marcus Warren assures audiences that Jorn Utzon’s white sails have never been so besmirched with filth. “I woke up at three a.m. this morning with a line from one of the songs which goes, ‘Poop your fuck-ing pants…’ And there’s another song which goes, ‘Fuck-ing, fuck-ing, fuck-ing…’

“It’s a beautiful opera,” Warren says. “But the thing is the language is all ‘Fuck you, you fucking fuck…’ There’s a lot of humour in the juxtaposition of hearing that kind of language sung in the most beautiful way. But the music wins.”

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