Thursday, June 23, 2011

"The Stone Forest”

The Stone Forest is the must-see place in Kunming. However, what we’d like to recommend is to explore the Stones by taking the route to the Peripheral Area (wài shí lín). It features much more natural, much wilder and much quieter. You may have found that in China you always “encounter” thousands of elbows and other crowd troubles in one single tourist site. When you finish the Sword Peak Pond (jiàn fēnɡ chí) in the Major Stone Forest (dà shí lín), please say “goodbye” to other tourist groups and find the footpath to the peripheral area where you will be greeted by distant views, close looks and even birds-eye views of the grotesque lime stones. Only in this way can you say proudly “I’ve been in the Stone Forest”.

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