Saturday, June 11, 2011

"like waves lapping an upturned surfboard"

Hermosa Beach will formally unveil new artisan bicycle racks 11 a.m. Saturday, June 11 at 14th Street and the Strand, celebrating a project to place decorative racks with shapes suggesting waves or surfboards at six locations around town.

The racks are the fruits of the 2011 “class project” by the nonprofit group, which was formed to identify civic leaders in the community and to provide service to Hermosa.

Thanks to the group, it will be possible to lash 33 bikes or more to racks along the Strand at 14th, 22nd and Second streets, and at Hermosa Valley Park, the Community Center, Clark Field, and on one concrete pad on private property, at E.T. Surf on Aviation Boulevard.

The “Crown Jewel” of the racks, in the shape of waves lapping an upturned surfboard, sits at the Strand and 14th. The other bike racks suggest waves without the board, and each bear the city seal. They were all designed and crafted by Hermosa artist Daniel Baranbo.

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