Thursday, June 09, 2011

"a sense of mystery with glitter and fantasy"

At the center of The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas' newest luxury hotel, a beaded and illuminated chandelier drapes over three full stories of cocktail bars.

Within this living exhibit of art, visitors from around the world sip creative beverages, engage in playful banter, and tap their feet to the beats of local disc jockeys.

The Chandelier, the name formally given to this triple-tiered complex, is a fitting icon for modern Las Vegas. It combines a sense of mystery with glitter and fantasy, a whisper of discretion with a hint of temptation, a splash of wonder with its thoughtful, creative artistry.

The Cosmopolitan filled the only major hole in the heart of the fabled Las Vegas Strip when it opened in December at a cost of $3.9 billion. The twin 50-story towers of the 2,995-room casino-resort property nestle into an 8.7-acre plot just north of the City Center complex, itself new in 2010, and south of the renowned Bellagio.

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