Friday, January 01, 2010

"Syndicated Justice" can be trying

Judge Judy Sheindlin is the judge against all other judges must be judged. There must be an underground group of people who have had to go into therapy after daring to appear before her. The cases are secondary to Judge Judy's withering stare and venom-laced invectives that reduce their targets to quivers.

"Don't lie -- I'm smarter than you" is a sample Judy-ism, delivered in a strong Brooklyn accent. One defendant in an assault case kept playing with his tie during his testimony, adding to the judge that he was nervous.

With a snake-like glare, Sheindlin replied, "Good. I like nervous." When another defendant tried to compliment her, she snapped, "Don't stroke me. I have no time."

Longtime fans of the show say Sheindlin, who is in her 14th season, has gotten more vicious through the years. But she has no competition when it comes to being the most entertaining judge on the bench.

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