Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Spectacular Photo of Dolphins at Play

Dolphins play in the sparkling waters of Australia's Jervis Bay.


foybles said...

Hi Arthur,

I'm sorry I have to contact you by posting a comment here on your blog but I see no other opportunity to email you directly. It would have been preferable.

I am the photographer and creator of the photographs in "Budapest has a rich and varied history" and hold copyright on those images you have posted on your blog server some time ago.

You may feel that this is rather trivial, but by placing them on your blog you are in breach of copyright as you don't have permission from me to do so. You also haven't credited me as the photographer. The article was linked to my website but as my website has changed since then the pictures have become orphaned from the author. This is especially contentious in light of the US & UK governments wanting to push through a new "orphaned works" rule on copyright.

I appreciate that you're not making a profit from what you're doing and in principle I think it's okay that you make a blog as you do, but in order for you to use other people's content which your blog survives on, you need to obtain permission from the content authors and to make sure you credit all parties concerned so that if someone takes content from your blog, they can also ask for permission and use the credit byline from the original author. This is very important for the livelihoods of professionals that are trying to earn a living from the content you're using. Just because it's on the internet, doesn't mean it's free to use at will.

In view of the things I have outlined I would like you to remove the above mentioned blog and photos entirely from your blog server. If indeed you do wish to use any of my content in the future, then please do contact me. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The anonymity of the internet promotes misuse and abuse of peoples rights, let's get away from that & build a fairer community.

Kevin Foy

Arthur Eades said...

The photos have been removed as you requested.