Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another page of history being torn from the book

The San Gorgonio Inn, long a mainstay of travelers along the various routes between Los Angeles and the desert, is in the process of being purchased by the City of Banning, which has stated that it is their intention to tear down the building in the name of Redevelopment.

The building shown above was constructed in 1931 after a fire destroyed the oldest portion of the Inn, which dated to 1884. In its earliest incarnation, it was the Bryant House, then the Hotel Banning, then the San Gorgonio Inn starting in 1921 when John Livacich purchased the property from long-time owner Floretta Fraser. Now, this mainstay of Banning's downtown is in danger of being torn down.

Tearing down a building like the San Gorgonio Inn, when all of the Pass area is formulating a San Gorgonio Pass Heritage Corridor to celebrate their past, is unjustifiable. Please help send a message to the City of Banning to put their creative minds to work in developing a plan that would allow for the adaptive reuse of the San Gorgonio Inn.


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