Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Congratulations Andre -- Our Hats Are Off to You !!!

Congratulations to Andre Dawson, a real "Hall of Famer" who provided excitement and real drama to baseball fans everywhere. When Andre came to bat in the late innings of a close game at Wrigley Field, you could feel his intensity and Cubs fans everywhere held their breath. He provided thrills when he played for Montreal and Florida too, but I'll always remember him as a "Cub". Thanks Andre, for the excitement and intensity that you always brought to the game. You always gave 100% and your fans everywhere appreciate that. The Hall of Fame is a place of great honor and all the other players who have been accorded that honor are honored too, by your presence there.

Andre Dawson was the only player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

Dawson received 77.9% of the 539 ballots from the Baseball Writers Assn. of America. Players must receive 75% of the vote to be elected.

Bert Blyleven got 74.2% of the vote. He got 400 votes and needed 405. He will have two more chances for election. Roberto Alomar, in his first year on the ballot, got 73.7%. He was followed by Jack Morris (52.3%), Barry Larkin (51.6%) and Lee Smith (47.3%). Mark McGwire, in his fourth year on the ballot, got 23.7%, up from 21.9% last year.

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