Saturday, October 08, 2011

"nature’s purest, most exotic creations"

Greenland is largely perceived as an icy, permanently frozen piece of landmass, north of Canada. However, it should be understood that it is also a distinct tourist destination offering the rare chance to witness nature’s purest, most exotic creations. Being the largest island nation in the world, Greenland hardly sees many visitors because it is cut-off from international travel routes for a major part of the year. However, during the few months that it is accessible, it offers an amazing view of a topography that is hard-to-describe in words—the numerous bays and straits have divided the entire landscape in a manner that has no precedents. Among these, the Davis Strait is the most popular since it is close to the Canadian Archipelago. Greenland Sea has also become an often toured destination, particularly due to explorers approaching Greenland from the Spitzbergen-Denmark Strait route. The entire region is covered with ice throughout the year, except for the small, hospitable zones around the coasts. Besides the cold temperatures and the ice being a deterrent, the fjords and scurries ensure that transversing Greenland without seeking professional help could be hazardous. However, if you are an adventure-seeker, there isn’t a place more worthy than Greenland as it offers the opportunity to explore its vastness without any inhibitions, offering absolute freedom from any vacationing norm.

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