Wednesday, October 12, 2011

“wonder of the piano”.

Ingolf Wunder, a 24 year old pianist from Austria and a winner of seven international piano competitions, is called a “wonder of the piano”. At the age of 14, he gave his debut recital at the Vienna Konzerthaus, and in 2008, he had a debut in one of the world’s most prestigious concert halls – Vienna Musikverein. Mr. Wunder has already performed in many countries, including Austria, France, Germany, China, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, US, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Poland.

After his debut, critics wrote: “Sinewy, powerful and broad in scope. His interpretation is as rich in colors as it is strongly-scented and free in feeling. He joins the best interpreters of these difficult pieces.” (The World of Music).

Mr. Wunder’s exceptional talent was noticed at many international competitions, where he became a first prize winner: “VII Concorso Internationale di Musica Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti in Cortemilia” (Italy, 1999), “XIV European Music Competition in Torino” (Italy, 1999), “63 Steinway Piano Competition in Hamburg” (Germany, 1999), “Prima la musica 2000 Music competition in Feldkirch” (Austria, 2000) “Concours Musical del France in Asti” (France, 2000), “VI Trofeo Internationale in Casarza Ligure” (Italy, 2000), “36 Großer Ferenz Liszt Wettbeverb in Budapest” (Hungary, 2001).

In 2006, Mr. Wunder released his first CD with works of Chopin and Ravel.

Ingolf Wunder was born in 1985. He had his first music lesson at the age of four, and celebrated his early musical successes with the violin by the age of eight. Having already achieved a high level of musical skill with that instrument, Wunder first occupied himself seriously with the piano at the age of 14, after a teacher accidentally discovered his extraordinary talent for the instrument and urged him to dedicate himself intensively to the piano. After completing his education at the Conservatory of Music Klagenfurt and Linz, he studied at the Viennese Academy of Music.

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