Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 1965 Toyota Sports 800

The Toyota Sports 800 was a derivative of the Toyota Publica that was first shown as a concept in 1962. It entered production in 1965 and competed mainly against the Honda S800.

Unlike the Honda S800 which was powered by an Inline-4 engine, however, it was powered by a Flat-twin "boxer" engine. Its styling may have been inspired by contemporary Italian designs by the the likes of Bertone and Pininfarina.

The front fascia may be confused with that of the Toyota 2000GT due to the similar headlight design.

Between 1965 and 1969 approximately 3,100 units were built. Only about 10% of those vehicles are known to have survived.

The vehicle was powered by an air-cooled 790 cc horizontally opposed two cylinder boxer engine. The 0.8 liter 2U engine (45 bhp @ 5400) was produced from 1965 through 1969

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