Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"a chronicler of the ages"

They feature some of the nation’s most famous players, managers, owners, stadiums and even presidents. There are pictures of elephants, bears and tigers, as well as cartoons of babies and spacemen. Some graphics are Baroque, while others scream Art Deco.

The World Series program has been a chronicler of the ages, a mirror not only of baseball’s biggest stage, but also of the game’s link to the world wars, the Great Depression and the optimism of the space age.

Starting Wednesday, fans in St. Louis will get their hands on the latest in a line of programs that date to the first modern World Series, in 1903. They will spend $15 for a glossy volume of about 300 pages that is stuffed with articles about their team’s favorite players and their opponent’s. It will include seven blank scorecards — one for each game — for those who track each inning by hand.

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