Monday, June 06, 2011

Phenomenal Kyosho

For the world of aerobatic/3D planes, Kyosho has produced a phenomenal 50 size EDGE 540 specifically designed for electric power! The fuselage has been redesigned inside and out to include a battery mounting tray to allow the battery to be moved forward and aft to balance the plane perfectly with whatever pack you choose. The firewall has been modified to accept the Kyosho universal brushless motor, which fits all popular brushless motors. The left and right halves of the main wing are attached to the fuselage with a light hollow tube so the fuselage does not need to be cut. This keeps the fuselage strong. In addition, film on the rear of the fuselage works as stringers to create an incredibly lightweight structure.

All bulkheads have been computer designed to be as light as possible while still remaining strong and all pieces are cut to lock with each other during factory assembly creating greater strength and consistent quality from plane to plane. If your are ready for high performance electric flight, the Kyosho Edge 540 EP is for you!

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