Friday, June 03, 2011

"classified aircraft were often mistook for UFOs"

After years of denying the existence of the Area-51, officials have recently declassified documents regarding the facility. The LA Times is currently running a story about some of the pilots that worked on the base. Nothing in the story is really shocking or surprising. The pilots pretty much flew classified aircraft that were often mistook as UFOs.

One interesting bit of the article relates to a pilot who crashed his airplane and was later rescued by civilians. I guess the CIA didn’t believe the pilot had told the complete truth, so they shot him up full of truth serum, then did the old CIA interogative two step. The funny part, when they were done questioning the pilot, they drove him back to his house, and dropped off the seemingly drunk man on his couch without any word of explanation to his wife.

It’s an interesting read though lacking in aliens. Oh well … we still have our X Mius One.

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