Monday, June 06, 2011

2010 Winter Classic

The ratings were down but the buzz was not for the 2010 Winter Classic. How do we know this? Because the debates and discussions over the next venue to host the game started immediately after Fenway Park was officially revealed and continued through last Winter's Classic postmortem.

It's now become a national pastime for puckheads: Speculating on the next city, town, state or province to get the jewel of the NHL regular season. It's like how MTV viewers used to debate the next "Real World" location, before the show sunk into self-parody (and the rise of Snookie.) It's like how all of geek-dom fantasy casts the next superhero sequels even before the latest one leaves the box office. (Yes, we know: Johnny Depp would make a great Riddler. We get it.)

So now we've got baseball blogs writing about hockey games and NHL insiders offering their speculation and even a growing chorus of dissenters that don't want the game on Jan. 1 due to the looming NFL/NHL conflict of '12.

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