Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jamey Stillings’ Colorado River Bridge

Talk about a feat of engineering; did you folks catch the Jamey Stillings work in The New York Times Magazine this weekend? Stillings started this work this March, and has already created some mesmerizing imagery.

From Stillings’ statement:

The Bridge, part of the Hoover Dam bypass project, will eventually divert the majority of traffic off the dam. This engineering project, on par with any national or international project, requires the creation of a 1060-ft twin rib tubular concrete arch springing simultaneously from the Arizona and Nevada sides of the Black Canyon towards their eventual rendezvous approximately 850 feet over the Colorado River. When complete, the 1900 ft bridge will be the longest concrete arch span in the US and the fifth longest in the world.

For more photos on Induro Blog, click on the heading above.

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