Monday, May 30, 2011

Endeavor's last voyage

The crew of the space shuttle Endeavor waved their final goodbye to the astronauts remaining on board the International Space Station. The six crewmembers now face two days of travel before NASA's second-to-last manned shuttle mission arrives back on Earth. It's the last such voyage for Endeavor, however—the space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to liftoff on NASA's final crewed shuttle voyage July 8.

The parting goodbyes between the International Space Station crew and the six members of the Endeavor crew–led by shuttle commander Mark Kelly–took place around 7 a.m. EDT today, terminating around 11 total days of connection between the two spacecraft. Kelly was the final crewmember to walk—er, float—off the ISS.

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Home Inspector Training said...

I’ve followed the shuttle since its inaugural flight and it’s a pity its being put out of action. Feel that it could have been able to continue in some way, since so many funds and lives have been changed by it. Remember those first photos from the Hubble, WOW!