Saturday, May 28, 2011

“exotic medley of flavors" -- NO WAY !!

Eat Smart Snacks assures us this is a “gourmet flavor.” Effusive prose on the back of the bag extols the “exotic medley of flavors.”

I should know by now that when food packaging pats itself on the back for the brilliant achievement of its contents, I’m being handed a clue to the questionable judgment of the thing’s begetter. Someone at Eat Smart Snacks headquarters wasn’t thinking right to greenlight this exotic medley. Someone’s tastebuds in the Eat Smart Kitchen weren’t functioning right since those buds failed to convey the distasteful flavor of these things. They’re awful. I know that’s a subjective opinion. But they’re really awful. And the cost of $3.99 for five ounces adds insult to injury.

Avoid at all costs.

(According to Mike Ettner)

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