Tuesday, May 31, 2011

“The Green Rebirth"

With the post “The Green Rebirth Of An Old Naval Air Station” , it is no secret that Forced Green is always impressed with the goings on at NASA Ames Research Center. And it is also no secret that one of Forced Green’s favorite innovative subject’s is Unimodal’s amazing SkyTran .

This past January, Plum TV’s Masters Of Innovation series with host Jim Brasher presented an episode called “Space Age Green”. This episode covers how the cutting-edge technology designed for space travel at NASA Ames Research Center is being re-purposed to make life on this planet a whole lot greener. From carbon net-zero office buildings to more efficient air travel, SkyTran’s Jetson-like pods for commuters and mushroom’s that clean up oil spills. Proving that of all the corporations and government entities talking the green talk, NASA is actually walking the green walk with a plethora of environment-friendly game-changers.

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