Monday, July 02, 2012

1902 Renault Type K

With the events of the Malaysian Grand Prix in his rear-view and before he gets his head down for the next GP in China, World Champion Sebastian Vettel swapped F1 cars for something a little more old school...

This week our engine supplier invited us to the Renault Technocentre to play with their "toys" - from the latest releases to a real old-timer.

I really enjoyed driving normal cars again, they’re much more comfortable - although I miss the unique sound of an F1 car.

I had a lot of fun looking at some of the really old cars, and even driving them. A very special once was a Renault Type K, which was the car Marcel Renault won the Paris-Vienna Race in 1902. Apparently,, the race started at 3.30am. I think we drivers should be glad they dropped that tradition!

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