Friday, May 18, 2012

Taliban Brainwashes Kids That Suicide Bombs Kill Only Infidels

imageOver in Afghanistan, the manly men of Islam get little kids to blow themselves up by lying to them that bomb belts they wear will not kill them, only the hated infidel Americans.

Curiously, the Mohammed bunch regards their ideology as superior, “the most moral, ethical religion on earth.”

That being the case, it seems unwise to admit substantial immigrant diversity from people who think tricking children into suicide is acceptable. The United States has an estimated 300,000 immigrants from Afghanistan, a population which includes supporters of the Taliban in Fremont, California, and presumably beyond.

Say, if murder for Allah is so wonderful and gets you 72 virgins in paradise, then why aren’t adult Talibans lining up to go kablooey?

The Taliban recruits kids as young as nine to be suicide bombers. Afghan culture does not have an ethic of protecting children.  The boy pictured, 13-year-old Abdul Samat, is alive only because he smelled a rat and started screaming for help.

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