Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Magic

Lit Motors calls it the C-1, but the San Francisco start-up's untippable motorcycle seems nothing short of magic. It uses gyroscopes to stay balanced in a straight line and in turns in which drivers can, in theory, roll down their windows and drag their knuckles on the ground.

Is it a motorcycle? A car? Neither. It's an entirely new form of personal transportation, presuming it gets off the ground.

The all-electric vehicle is fully enclosed and uses a steering wheel and floor pedals like a car. But it weighs just 800 pounds and balances on two wheels even when stopped, making it more efficient than hauling around a 2-ton four-wheeler and safer than an accident-prone bike.

"Most people don't drive motorcycles because they're dangerous," said Lit Motors founder and C-1 creator Daniel Kim, 32. "We're bringing safety to motorcycles with car-like controls that everyone's familiar with," Kim said of his self-stabilizing two wheeler, which, if it goes into production in early 2014 as planned, will be made with a steel unibody and glass windows to protect drivers from the weather and objects that might crash into them, leaving enough room behind the driver's seat to carry a passenger, groceries or suitcase.

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