Saturday, July 02, 2011

Shen Yun has a story to tell

It was a PERFECT evening in lovely Pasadena while enjoying the magnificent and glorious performance from Shen Yun on April 28, 2011. It was truly a feast to enjoy with a unique combination of Western and Eastern musical instruments playing together harmoniously by the Shen Yun New York Company Orchestra. That live music surely compressed the time and space as if I’ve been transported back in time to 5,000 years ago in China and seeing the legend and stories come to live with my own eyes. I like “The Monkey King Outwits Pigy” which was a part of the epic novel “Journey to the West” described how Pigy becomes the second disciple in the journey. Another folktale was about the “Heroic Lu Zhishen” which was about an unusual monk who unable to follow the ways of monks but had a good heart and became enlightened at the end.

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