Friday, July 22, 2011

"wearing the trademark red and blue"

Superman movie on which fans had nothing much recently has some interesting bits and pieces revealed so Superman movie now has its fans somewhat enlightened about this currently underway project. So far there were only few details revealed about the projects such as casting and it was only recently that director Zack Snyder appeared to have decided to open up a bit about his new directorial venture. Many basic and primary details about matters like storyline or the villain is yet to be revealed and even the movie titled is yet to be confirmed. However opening up about the new project in hands director had some comments which might help fans to form an idea about what they can expect when final result of a movie hits theaters.

One of the significant comments made by director on Superman movie had been that he is looking forward to make this movies as realistic as possible unlike in previous installments which had featured the super hero character. Among these comments director had said that actor playing titular role Henry Cavill is quite busy these days working out hard to get in shape to wear the trademark red and blue costume. Moving back to his hopes for the movies director had emphasized the fact that this is going to be the most realistic movie he has done so far. He sure sounds quite enthusiastic about the projects and with his upcoming Sucker Punch many fans will be wanting to see that so they can form an idea about style of director.

Superman movie director also had some interesting ideas about to share with fans on casting of stars like Diane Lane and Kevin Costner who will be playing the roles of Martha and Jonathan Kent adoptive parents of Superman. With these top stars on board for those characters it seems that this time much prominence will be given to those two roles unlike in previous efforts which did not have substantial significance given to those two roles. Moreover actress Amanda Seyfried is heard to have auditioned for a role but had to give up due to her commitment to Big Love which signals that the vacancy of leading lady is yet to be filled.

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