Friday, August 04, 2006


The outline of the San Francisco skyline is seen beyond the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge. (Photo by Paul Sakuma / AP)

DEADLY ALLURE: Since the Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937, about 1,300 people have jumped to their deaths from the span. (Photo by Robert Durell / LAT)

“Most people see the bridge’s spectacular beauty; the mentally ill see an opportunity for a romantic way out,” said John Kevin Hines, who leaped from the Golden Gate on Sept. 25, 2000. “What they choose to ignore is that hitting the water at that speed is a gruesome way to die.” Hines is one of the fewer than 20 known survivors of a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. Hines, 23, of San Francisco leapt from the bridge in 2000, sustaining a broken back and other injuries. (Photo by Robert Durell/LAT)


Anonymous said...

Hey arthur, it is now actually 28 survivors, Hines was the 26th in 2000. One of four that have actually fully recovered physically.

He has a titanium cage and plate built in his back where he shattered 2 lower vertabrae.

I should know I went to highschool with the guy.

He is doing well, and we are all proud f the mental health advocacy and suicide prevention work he is doing. thanks for the intelligent and un bias view. I tend to see a great number of insensitive arrogant and down right crucifying words said about John Kevin on these blogs, thanks for a new fresh start.

James. K.

Arthur said...

Thanks for the update. I wish the very best for you and John Kevin.