Thursday, August 17, 2006


Fallingwater, one of the most well-recognized works by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, has been studied by many architects and students. It is a great example of a house that is wonderfully integrated into its site, so that it becomes part of the site and the site part of it.

The house was built as a vacation home for the affluent American Edgar J. Kaufmann family. It is situated over a waterfall that becomes an integral part of the experience of the house, and from which the house's name "Fallingwater" comes. It features strong horizontal lines that give it a very protective feeling, and expansive outdoor terraces that extend the living environment out of the house. In addition the the main house, there is also a guest house and quarters for domestic staff on the premises.

Fallingwater, Located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., is open for public tours, with its original site and furniture remaining intact. For more information, see the Western Pennsylavania Conservancy website. (

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