Saturday, August 05, 2006

Much is gone but what remains is a reminder of a glorious legend

Clifford and Nelda Clinton, founded Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles in 1931 during the Depression. Customers became "guests," the company website said, and none were turned away hungry, even if they had no money.

During one 90-day period, 10,000 people ate free before Clifford Clinton could open an emergency "Penny Cafeteria" a few blocks away to feed, for pennies, the 2 million who came during the next two years.

At its height, there were seven Clifton's Cafeterias, with restaurants in Century City, Whittier, Lakewood, West Covina, Laguna Hills and downtown Los Angeles. But Donald Clinton said increasing rent and expiring leases closed all but the one at 648 S. Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

The Rock Portico provided a resting place for the passers-by.
The Neon Palms became a legend.

There were 12 waterfalls in Clifton's Brookdale
and it rained every twenty minutes
and of course they provided live entertainment. (

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