Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"The RMS Titanic Dive Expedition"

Ever since being built and becoming the legendary vessel that it is today, the Titanic has captivated individuals for over 100 years. Its majesty and the unique story behind the Titanic have made it one of the most popular ships of all time and a great piece of history. Now encrusted in a myriad of sealife near the ocean floor, the Titanic can be once again witnessed and paid respect to for a mere $40,000 per head in the RMS Titanic Dive Expedition.

The journey will take place aboard the MIR I and II submersibles. These deep sea vessels are capable of reaching ocean depths of 20,000 feet and will be housed aboard the mother ship Akaemik Keldysh. Two of four submersible that are available to the scientific community, MIR I and MIR II are designed to withstand enormous amounts of pressure in deep ocean water. Each MIR will accommodate three individuals and the pressure is regulated in a similar way that space shuttles are regulated. Those interested in taking the dive will need to set aside some loot for the process. The dive is $40,000 a person making it an elite expedition that only a few individuals will have the money to enjoy.

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