Friday, April 20, 2012

Redondo resident 'drives on sunshine'

Redondo Beach resident Jim Montgomery envisions a future where all roofs are covered with solar panels and everyone is driving an electric car.

He's already living that dream and saving money as well. He has owned three electric vehicles in the last 20 years and is now driving a Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle that he purchased in 2002.

Montgomery has traveled 150,000 miles in his electric RAV4. The gas version gets approximately 25 miles per gallon, according to, which translates to about 6,000 gallons of gasoline that Montgomery has not purchased or burned since he bought the Toyota.

In the past 20 years, he has driven 250,000 miles in electric vehicles - at 25 mpg that's 10,000 gallons of gasoline not being used.

Montgomery said his savings are even greater now that the solar panels are charging the car.

"I believe we can live good lives but live sustainably," he said. "This is doable today, and more and more people are finding it out. Driving electric and powering solar create a cleaner environment and a more secure nation, and what a beautiful vision that is."

PHOTO: Resident Jim Montgomery is living green while saving money. By installing solar panels and driving an electric vehicle, he expects to save thousands of dollars in the coming years. (photo courtesy of Montgomery)

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