Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"a more affordable all-electric sedan"

It’s been a long road for Coda Automotive, the electric car start up out of California trying to introduce a more affordable all-electric sedan for the driving masses.

The company now seems to have reached an important milestone in its path to what it hopes will be prosperity, driving its first production model off of the factory floor yesterday.

Coda EV hits the roadCoda, which we first started covering in September 2010, has seen its share of ups and downs, including some rather lengthy to market delays.

The start up now looks to put that all behind it, as its new sedan prices at around $37,250 before select federal and individual state savings and credits (which, at press time, could drop the price to around $27,250). 

Will this be a price mainstream drivers can get behind? It depends upon what they expect out of this vehicle.

The Coda Sedan has an 88 miles per charge EPA rating, which the car company thinks drivers could eek up to 125 miles if they have good EV driving habits. What may also help with this is the vehicle’s active thermal management system, which reportedly provides constant battery care to help optimize the battery pack’s performance in hot and cold weather conditions.

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