Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"final stage show tour in Australia comes 57 years after her debut"

CANBERRA, Aust — Dame Edna Everage, the Tony Award-winning drag act known for her purple hair and oversized rhinestone eyeglasses, will soon open her final stage show tour in Australia. It comes 57 years after her debut.

Barry Humphries, the actor and satirist who created Australia’s self-proclaimed housewife-superstar, wants to take the farewell show “Eat Pray Laugh!” to Britain and New York over the next two years following the two-month Australian tour that begins in Canberra on June 22, his publicist Kerry O’Brien said Tuesday.

At 78, Humphries said the time had come to retire all his various alter egos from the stage, the most famous of whom is Dame Edna.

“She’s a little weary of touring and strange hotels,” Humphries told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio in Canberra, explaining his most enduring character’s decision to retire

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