Friday, January 20, 2012

"Looking for a spectrum of viewpoints"

In an effort to expand both its ratings and its spectrum of viewpoints, talk station KABC-AM (790) is turning to an award-winning journalist, a personality better known to television viewers than radio listeners over the last 40 years: Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera will debut a 10 a.m. weekday talk show on Jan. 30 in which he'll take calls, interview guests and discuss the day's news, with an emphasis on Southern California.

"I think I represent a big swath of the middle, and it's kind of drowned out, or nonexistent," said Rivera, who calls himself a liberal Republican with a far different stance on issues such as abortion and immigration than party orthodoxy. "It's almost as if talk radio is setting the agenda politically, and that agenda is extremely partisan. It's carving up the country, it has a strong racial undertone, and I don't think that's good for anybody."

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