Thursday, May 06, 2010

" A True International Hero"

The ultimate humanitarian, model diplomat, star of the UN. Those are just a few of the ways one might describe Sergio Vieira de Mello.

A Brazilian diplomat, Vieira de Mello dedicated his life to the United Nations system, accepting field assignments in the most dangerous, conflict-ridden places on earth. He quickly became known as a brilliant mediator, intent on listening to and considering all sides of any argument. Assignments in Bangladesh, Cyprus, Mozambique, Peru, Lebanon, Kosovo and East Timor (to name just a few) gave Vieira de Mello the opportunity to demonstrate his skills, winning him widespread respect among fellow humanitarians, world leaders and the people he served.

An upcoming HBO documentary, Sergio (based on the biography by Samantha Power), gives us a peek into Vieira de Mello's life. Through interviews and powerful video footage, it also depicts his devastating death in Iraq, which followed the explosion of a truck bomb that caused the collapse of the UN headquarters in Baghdad where he was stationed.

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