Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Adorable Lion Cubs Remain Nameless

The triplet African lions born at WCS’s Bronx Zoo earlier this year, and romping around in the spotlight for the first time just last week, still need names. Their mom Sukari and father M’wasi (or rather, their handlers) have turned to the Daily News for help, and the paper has asked readers to submit names. Now they report back saying it's turned into a battle between boroughs. Some want the names to be Bronx-based, one man suggesting, "Belmont for the male, Morrisania and Melrose for da goils!" Others are simply suggesting their favorite boroughs, with names like: Brook-Lyn, Bronxie and Queenie.

The paper is milking this for a while, with voting not taking place until May 16th. This leaves these little ones without names for weeks more to come! So what should we call them in the meantime?

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