Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Monster of a Show"

Every Halloween, Rich Correll, the horror movie buff turns his home into a haunted mansion, with decorations that include his 1,900-plus collection of horror film memorabilia.
Correll’s dining room is chockablock with his horror movie masks and models. At last count, he had more than 1,700 in his collection. Some of the masks will be worn by the director’s Hollywood pals on Halloween.
A large Dracula print on a window is one of several images that can be seen from the exterior, setting the stage for a creepy aura inside and out.
Lifelike models of "The Dark Knight's" Batman and Joker loom out from a window facing the street

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Tess said...

Oh wow, I'd love to see this in person. This home would be my husbands dream house on Halloween!