Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flores Adobe is part of California history

The beautiful Flores adobe stands in a pristine residential area on the southern slope of Raymond Hill, in South Pasadena. The adobe built about 1839 still serves as a private home. The name associated with this old casa comes from General Jose Maria Flores, who led the Mexican Army of California during Mexican War. Flores never lived at the house nor did he ever spend a single night beneath its roof. But, it was at this site that the defeated general retreated after the last battle with the American troops who were advancing upon Los Angeles in 1847. Flores, fearing he would be shot by the conquering Yankees, fled from this place to Mexico never to return.

(The oil on canvas above is by Norman Stiles Chamberlain.)


Sean said...

I love the picture. I grew up down the street from the Flores Adobe and used to deliver the paper to the old owners. I remember him as a very old man with a Van Dyke beard - but maybe that is just my fuzzy memory! I managed to get inside of it once and it is a work of art. There was a school across the street (Los Flores) that closed years ago and is now a condo development.

David said...

My grandfather is Norman Stiles Chamberlain. We have some of his early works but he had to sell most of them to make a living. Thank you for your comments. He lived in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach prior to moving to Laguna Beach where my family still lives. He married Mary Pottinger, a well known artist in Laguna that was one of his students in Laguna Canyon. My mom is his only daughter, Mary (Derry) Chamberlain Marriner of the Marriner's Stationary Store family. Thank you for your kind words about his works. He did several works for Mrs. Henry Huntington.
Dave Marriner

wmc said...

This is so exciting. I am Wendi Chamberlain, wife of Steve Chamberlain. Norman would have been his great-uncle. (He is the descedent of Glen, Norm's brother) He with the help of other Chamberlains had a party honoring Norm. He has beautiful work. I also just found a beautiful painting done my Mary Pottinger. The date on it is 1937.