Monday, October 13, 2008

Images and words of Steve S. Meyer

"When my grandparents temporarily "owned" this land, which is now thankfully part of the Nature Conservancy’s Baxter’s Hollow Preserve, they often brought me here to explore nature. One of my first memories is of my usually reserved grandmother joyfully helping me cross this rocky stream to explore the natural world, revealing to me at an early age the affect a “great place” can have on people."

"I’ve returned many times since — usually with camera, in all seasons and most weather conditions, attempting to capture the ever-changing landscape. In spring, that landscape might have thick fog lying in the valley after a heavy rain, or marsh marigolds and miterwort flowering on the stream banks — which are replaced in summer by golden ragwort and cardinal flower."

"Autumn delivers brilliant colors reflecting in calm pools. Early winter brings me here on cross-country skis to attempt to capture the fresh snow blanketing everything but the cold flowing stream."

"I made a memorable recent visit to the preserve with conservation legend Harold Kruse. Harold can no longer get around or see very well, but he used his keen ears and mind to identify every wood warbler and flycatcher within ear shot and give me a lesson in birding."

"The day this image was taken was a perfect autumn day with the last sunlight shining down the valley filtering through the brightly colored trees."

"I was able to capture the glowing maple’s warm reflection in the calm stream by balancing myself and tripod well above the stream on a pair of downed tree trunks spanning the banks. I used a Canon Rebel (digital body) with a Canon EFS 17-85mm lens and a BenboTrecker Tripod with Manfrotto pistol grip head."

Steve S. Meyer is a professional photographer. His work includes many images of Conservancy preserves in Wisconsin's Baraboo Hills. Click on the link below to visit the Nature Conservancy:

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