Monday, July 29, 2013

One GIANT Leap After Another

Nerves of steel were on display at the 2012  world cliff diving championship event as international thrill-seekers took it in turns to take one giant leap of faith.

Jumping from a dizzying height of 28 metres into a tiny blowhole below, competitors pulled out all the stops at the Red Bull competition, impressing crowds with a series of sensational dives.

Hundreds of spectators headed to Ireland’s Serpent’s Lair on the island of Inis Mor to witness the fourth round event

It was won by Russian Artem Silchenko, who received a standing ovation from his fellow divers for his efforts.

The 28-year-old was on top form, impressing judges with the difficult nature and perfect execution of his dives.

‘You know it’s a good dive only when you’re underwater,’ he explained after. ‘You’re travelling so fast it’s impossible to take it all in. Only after the entry can you say “yes, it’s a great dive”.’

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