Monday, July 29, 2013

The international racing community got its last look at the front end of Red Bull's new F1 car, the RB8, unveiled on video today. It's expected to be showing the rest of the field its exhausts for the rest of the season.

Red Bull dominated with a car literally "designed around the exhaust" during the 2011 season. Now that the FIA banned last year's killer app, the exhaust-blown diffuser, everyone is looking for the secret new trick on the RB8 that will outpace the competition.

Don't expect to find it on this dummy car, trotted out with generic wings and panels to trick rival teams' engineers. If we do see Red Bull walk away from the rest of the field at the season opener in Australia, you might want to look for some trick airflow management in the little mail slot at the back end of the RB8's duck bill.

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