Monday, September 03, 2012

"The Apartment"

Billy Wilder directed and co-wrote this darkly comedic 1960 film, which won Academy Awards for best film, director, screenplay, film editing and art direction-set direction. Adult and sophisticated — especially for its time — "The Apartment" presents a seamy side of office politics.
Oscar nominee Jack Lemmon stars as one of the young worker bees at a New York city insurance company, more ambitious than most. To make his way up the corporate ladder, he gives his keys to the firm's company managers so they can have clandestine affairs in his apartment. Shirley MacLaine, also an Oscar nominee, plays the elevator operator secretly having an affair with the nasty personnel director (Fred MacMurray).

What it says about work: It's a white-collared jungle out there.,0,4445024.story

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