Thursday, November 10, 2011

"a very non-traditional treat"

In Vegas it's Tiramisu at Verandah in Four Seasons. Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert. When made properly, lady fingers soaked in coffee and Marsala wine are layered between a creamy mascarpone mixture and sprinkled with cocoa powder or grated chocolate.

Italian for “pick me up,” this light dessert is said to get you closer to heaven. The original version is served at every Italian and sometimes non-Italian restaurant in America. The presentation at Verandah is unique.

“We wanted to make something that tastes good but also has the visual appeal,” says Executive Pastry Chef of the Four Seasons, Jean-Luc Daul.

Served in a tall hand-blown glass dish, this dessert only begins with traditional tiramisu. Add candied cherries, a waffle bowl filled with an assortment of gelato, decorative flowers and a tall cotton candy hat and you can be sure, few have dined on this very non-traditional treat.

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