Friday, November 11, 2011

Holstein’s in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A burger for dessert hardly seems like a good idea, especially if you’ve already had a juicy hamburger like Holstein’s dry-aged Gold Standard for dinner. But at Holstein’s, you’ll definitely want to order the sliders and fries.

As a creative side dish, the “fries” are actually thin churros and served with strawberry “ketchup.” The churro fries even come in a mini fry basket — so you’ll definitely want fries with that.

There are three types of sliders, including a tropical version with coconut macaroon serving as the bun and passion fruit cream with guava jelly as the filling, or burger meat. There’s also a triple chocolate version with chocolate macaroon, chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding and a cocoa nib nougatine — clearly for chocolate lovers only.

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