Monday, September 26, 2011

Would you buy a car from this man ?? How about a quick cure ??

On an HBO Documentary, Benny Hinn freely admits that "He cannot heal the truly sick, such as people with cancer, Aids, heart disease". Hinn adds, " I use Hypnosis Techniques to make people feel better at my crusades."

Despite the admission from Hinn, Tens of Thousands of Christians rush to Benn Hinn Crusades and pray for the healing of serious diseases such as Cancer, Aids and Heart Disease.

When you tell Hinn's Followers about the HBO Documentary, many say, "That was a trick of the Devil. HBO took Hinn's word out of context."

Benny Hinn was sued and lost three wrongful death law suits. (out of court settlements/ undisclosed payments). All three times, Hinn told people at his crusades they were healed of cancer or AIDS. These victims, believed the lies of Benny Hinn, stopped taking their medicine and died.

Followers of Benny Hinn claim this is all "tricks of the devil" and Hinn "payed the $$$$ to avoid controversy."

On Dateline Interview, Benny Hinn was questioned about another donation campaign. Benny Hinn raised $25 million dollars to build an orphange in S. California.

Benny Hinn never built the Orphange and ended all plans to build it. When questioned on Dateline, Benny Hinn smiled and said, "The Lord told me not to build the orphange. God will reveal new plans."

Benny Hinn refuses to account for the $25 Million or say where the $$$$ is. His Faithful Flock doesn't seem to care.

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